All About PyraPOD4r

PyraPOD4r refers to a POD like structural building that has a rectangular base with 4 corners and edges. PyraPOD4r falls into the second category of our…


… POD building series. It is also the closest in shape to the traditional flat gable and pitched or rounded top tunnel greenhouses.

The following designs in this category should give you an idea how these PODs look like:

AgriPOD on a city lot

Larger version of AgriPOD

Super size of AgriPOD

As you can see, SolaRoof technology can adapt to any form, whether it bears the traditional shape we are familared with or the newest and modern shape. As long as you can build a double-skined structure and allow rooms for bubbles to flow and fill this double-skined cavity, then you can instantly turn that structure into a PyraPOD building.

For this reason, we take the attracting saddle dome structure and turn that into a foldable tent that can be instantly set up anywhere. Useful for large camp events or emergency situations such as Covid-19 quarantine or treatment.

Want to step into a POD structure like this and move around inside? Check this YouTube 360 video: