PeachPOD: mimicking the energy flow in Orange Theory of the universe, create perfect bubble circuit in SolaRoof and water flow in iAVS sandponics

PeachPOD is designed based on “the orange theory” of universe. It gives soap bubbles the smoothest and easiest passage and the iAVS sandponics the best shape for fish tanks and grow beds.

Two levels of sand grow beds rotate slowly for maximum sun exposure to all plants. The fish water suction pipe rotates along with the grow beds in order to sweep all the fish poop up and get filtered through two levels of sand.

Mechanisms are there in the design to separate the seeding fish in a certain region from the rest. Fish to be harvested can also be restricted in the feeding area so that every one can catch a fish in it. These mechanisms allow the small fish to be around anywhere they want.

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