SolaRoof in Videos

Instead of showing a large number of videos one by one, I have compiled them in one file – in fact, more videos need to be included, so the following video need to be again updated as more videos become accessible to me.

There are some projects that need to be highlighted as they are either historic or only have a few pictures in the video and most people will not catch them.

SolaRoof 1982 (historic): glazing and bubble generation was demonstrated by Richard Nelson at his private company Thermactive System Limited using a small sea container turned sideways 45 degrees and south side was mostly cut open for double layer glazing materials.

SolaRoof 1997 (Historic): This large project was built and still operating on the Campus of MUM (a private grade school) in Fairfield, Iowa. It shows Richard Nelson’s inventions for a flat SolaRoof, which is how we do large area, horizontal roof systems, as applicable to CityPOD and generally to the concept of “big box buildings”.

McGill field test 1990SolaRoof 1990 (above): McGill field test on McDonald College Campus with 60’x100′ square feet SolaRoof building, the first flooded gravel bed Liquid Thermal Mass.

OctaPOD and CityPOD proposed for Smart Mobile Energy’s San Antanio site