BityPOD, a whole new way to communicate

Currently, BityPOD works as a web app – check this video to learn how it works and see if it is better than Zoom:

For those who have used our platform, they have the capacity to understand what our next line of product could do.

Basically, BityPOD is a portable communication device that connects a person to another person. Unlike all the other social media platforms out there, BityPOD does not store your personal data on our server unless you want to. We will use the Holochain structure to build the whole network so that it gives you a chance to get out of the blockchain mentality.

Moreover, BityPOD is a physical and electronic device, not just a decentralized network.

The whole thing started when Richard and Aubrey sensed the need for a better way communication between us. Then we see this need is everywhere out there, not only among members of our own community. Although we can connect each other by phones, email, social platforms and apps, there is still something that is missing.

Eventually we found an opensource program and installed it on our own server. And we tested it, It turned out that this self-hosted program worked really well. Not we have permanently installed the program on so that members among our own community can communicate to each other and even use it to build their own communities.

The next step is to develop the physical and electronic device so that it could make communication easy among BityPOD device users. Some of the features we would like it to have are listed below and more will be added as we develope this product:

  • Easy to use – even an old and old person can use it simply by plugging it to his or her cell phone
  • Audio and video communication between BityPOD users
  • Better than Zoom services for host account users
  • No other info needed other than a person’s name and cell phone number
  • A private page and public page will be created with default format
  • The private page is stored on the physical device which is local
  • The public page is stored on the server for public view
  • Ports on the device are available to allow you to connect to your phone or computer

More features will be added such as speach based AI capabilities, remote connection without using WiFi, etc.