Soap Bubble Videos

The above video shows the fun part and usage of soap liquid bubbles and foam.

Instead of showing them individually, now I have put all these videos in one file above, starting with inventor Richard Nelson’s first greenhouse in 1973 (that was when he found about the bubbles) and later on three historic and pioneering projects (1982, 1991 & 1997), then all other DIY projects that were tried in replicating what Richard Nelson did. Yes, with one missing, the China project that was started in 2008 by Mr. Weizhong Xu (I only have two videos in Chinese that have not been translated into English). The next collection of videos will be centered around PyraPOD, a new embodiment of SolaRoof for 2021 and beyound.

However, I did leave out the following one on purpose as we do not show to much bubble testing rather than real use of bubbles in real greenhouses.

2012: Bubble fun in testing Bubble Generator at Greenfire Earth Regeneration Center, Athen, Ohio!