Pyramid, Solar Cycle and Others

Nikola Tesla – Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt

Step pyramid was built to prepare for the 7-year famine followed by 7-year harvest in Egypt

Grand Solar Minimum is coming


PyraPOD/SolaRoof could be the only smart and simple solution to the Killshot – sudden solar flares

Bubbles are wildfire resistant

Bunker type of PODs can be constructed using Hemp Crete with a cage like structure made of light steel mesh contained within. It acts like a Faraday cage that can block electro radiation and magnetic fields including 5G. Water as wonderful thermal mass is also very protective and structures built with soap liquid bubbles can be used as a bunker. It also means that people can survive an event like a wildfire if they live within a forest because the construction is completely non-combustible and the design affords perfection from heat fire and contaminated atmosphere for a sufficiently long period of time.