PyraFARM – low cost and high yield greenhouse for large-scale farm operations

PyraFARM represents refined and simplified version of large scale greenhouses that Richard Nelson constructed in early 90’s. Beside simplifying the structure and double-layer cover designs, we add this time a full set of aquaponics fish tanks, mobile grow beds and work platforms, making it an indoor and all-climate greenhouse that is easy to set up and fast to produce vegetables and fish.

The one we are working on is a tent-like structure with a rectangular footing that is 48×12 in meters for its overall dimensions measured by supporting columns (P4T48x12m). Its external dimensions are 50 by 14 meters. The double-layer cavity is 1 meter thick (39 inches) on all four sides. This means that when filled with bubble foam, this greenhouse can achieve close to R40 insulation all around the walls and roof, which is suitable for all locations for solar thermal heating and water cooling.

Because of its large footing, PyraFRAM can collect and channel in large amount of rain water in its roof valley areas to be readily used inside. Snow melting mechanism is built in so that its relatively flat roof will not be a problem in case of heavy fall of snow. We suggest to use the transparent fiber glass fabric coated with silicon as the durable and double layer glazing cover. Four bubble generators are used for foam filling in ends wall and roof. One bubble generator is needed to fill the cavity within each long wall.

The other end wall has also an entrance that is wide enough for gardening. The whole structure can be oriented so that this end wall can face west for better lighting in the afternoon and does not need to be equipped with any bubble generators. One large soap tank is buried in ground near the other end wall, just below the six bubble generators for ease of operation.

Each grow bed has four wheels and can be moved on tracks for ease of operation. A mobile platform is equipped in each lane for gardening tools and for operators to stand or sit on. The mobile platform can be placed on tracks either in an up position for reaching tall fruit plants or down position for harvesting leafy vegetables or fish.

While it is designed to house iAVS sandponics and aquaponics, it can be used for other farm operations or to be adjusted as roofing systems for supermarkets, factories, stadiums, and community centers, etc.

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