PyraDEMO: showing almost everything you need to know about PyraPOD with SolaRoof

If you have developed any product before, you will know this first hand: the smaller the product, the harder to make it. It is so true with this PyraPOD model we call PyraDEMO.

The first version we did was to make everything that can be taken apart and be re-assembled back again. Because of the small space we had, we made one so that the bubbles filled the cavity formed between the vertical wall of the bubble generator and the out cover. We used only one blower and one spray nozzle to do it. Here is the video showing we filled the cavity in 15 seconds:

Then we took the effort and created a true double-layer cavity using polycarbonate sheets. Because of space restrictions, we have to use two blowers and two spray nozzles to make it work nicely. Here is the video showing how bubbles are filled in the cavity:

Now we are perfecting it further, reduce its size to only 34 cm in length and width, and 42 cm in height. And we are going to do it using hot suction and casting to shape everything. This new design has only three parts: the outer shell, the inner shell which is also the bubble generator, and the soap reservoir. The whole thing is operated with One blower and one pump, with both running DC power rather than the AC power which makes the setup complicated in different parts of the world.

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