The Science of Bubbles by Helen Czerski – I wish she had interviewed Richard Nelson before she made the video

When searching for videos on bubbles, I found this one which is somewhat extensive on the topic.

Physicist Dr. Helen Czerski takes us on an amazing journey into the science of bubbles. Bubbles may seem to be just fun toys, but they are also powerful tools that push back the boundaries of science.

Having watched this video, I feel a bit regret that bubble’s heat absorbing and insulating properties are not mentioned.

I am glad that I can work with Richard Nelson, the inventor of SolaRoof, who since 1980’s has persistently worked with soap liquid bubbles to create a wonderful canopy that serves as all climate dwelling place for plants and human beings. PyraPOD with SolaRoof as the soul, utilizes bubble’s heat absorbing and insulating properties to build better buildings.

When an ecological environment with controlled natural lighting, temperature and humidity is set up, a lot of other good things come such as the capability of collecting clean and distilled water out of thin air, balancing oxygen and CO2 levels with aqua-vegeculture synergy, full spectrum use of solar energy, etc.