Global Projects & Pioneers

This page is created so that we could list all the early DOers everywhere in the world who are interested in incoporating PyraPODs/SolaRoof in their local projects, large or small. We consider these pioneers as global nodes.

Richard Nelson and wife JeraldineRichard Nelson lives in Eastern Canada, is the CTO of PyraPOD Global Inc, holder of 6 patents on SolaRoof, and founder of PyraNet in educating, mobilizing and supporting early doers. SolaRoof focuses on almost NO other energy source but the sun in creating a winter-warm/summer-cool and day-cool/night-warm enclosed space, using the surface tension & thermodynamic nature of soap liquid bubbles to store daylight solar thermal energy for night time use with a high insulation envelope. Websites related to his projects is: Richard lives happily with his wife Jeraldine.

Aubrey of PyraPOD from Western Canada with wife Margaret & 3 kidsAubrey Zhang lives in Western Canada, CEO of PyraPOD Global Inc and co-founder of PyraPOD, PyraCAR, PyraLEV and many other brands on the way with Richard Nelson. As the embodiment of SolaRoof, PyraPOD can be built DIY or mass produced almost in any shape and for numerous applications. Aubrey and wife Margaret have three kids.

Corin Smith at SanctumAs the Managing Partner at SANCTUM, Corin is responsible for the previsualization, consolidation and redistribution of a full range of creative industry solutions generated by a select portfolio of clients. He works closely with the entire talent pool of any project and helps to manage the creative process from conception to delivery. Corin has considerable experience in the areas of general management, strategic planning, product management, sales and marketing.

yang-familyYang Zhou lives in South Okanagan area in West Canada with his wife Julia and their young baby girl. He works as a quick and talented architect for the PyraPOD team, producing 3D & 2D designs and blueprints for various projects. He worked as a building architect for six years in China before coming to Canada to study green building and sustainablity design and concepts. He is currently a certified passive house designer.

Cedric BornCedric Born is founder of and, using videos and virtual technologies to help companies draw attention to their products. He lives in Belgium and is helping PyraNet with videos and 3D visualization contents to spread the word of Aboundance4All by tackling the worldwide problem of Few4All.

Steven Humphries is a distinguished veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he completed two tours of duty with honor. During his service, he held significant positions as the Chief of Military Justice and Chief of Defense Services, demonstrating exceptional leadership and legal acumen. Following his military career, Steven utilized the GI Bill to further his education, earning a Business Degree from San Diego State University. This academic pursuit laid the groundwork for his transition into the civilian workforce, where he embarked on a successful partnership with Richard Nelson. Together, they focused on the globalization of Nelson’s technology, contributing to its international expansion and success.

Marc Anthony Porch is a social scientist. He developed Black Ball NLB in 1995 to honor all aspects of the historic business of Negro League Baseball. He developed Performing Open Hearts, NFP in 2021, our first project is Peoria Manual High School Basketball Program Documentary Orange and Black Beneath The Numbers. He developed Think ReHemption in 2021 to help bring the Hemp Industry manufacturing capabilities back to the United States of America.

Jordan Bester is a dynamic entrepreneur and technology advocate based in Chicago, Illinois. As the co-founder of Wagu Studios, he is dedicated to empowering creators by helping them find their vocations and build strong digital identities through innovative web design and strategic planning. Jordan also serves as a director for the Bethlehem Apostolic Church/Greater Works Initiative, leading a groundbreaking agribusiness accelerator focused on fighting food insecurity and fostering workforce development. In his role as Program Director for The Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce, Jordan champions clean tech initiatives, showcasing his commitment to sustainable innovation and community development.

More names can be added to this page as long as you want to work with us to promote simple and yet powerful solutions to problems that are hunting humanity daily. We need people who are critical thinkers, practical doers, and happy achievers. Let us know.