All About PyraPOD4s

Here we list all the PyraPOD4 products we have designed that share the same at base: square footing. That is why you see the number 4 for all of them, refering to four corners and edges of a square. Well the featured image above showcases all four products with names and codes, the following is a brief introduction to each of them:

PyraPOD4 Box (P4B) is also called Bubble Box for those who is not used to see numbers in product name.

It is essentially the top and central section of all the other products you see above. We simply take it out and set it to stand with four short legs, sitting within a ground basin for soap liquid and a water pump. It is featured with one bubble generator, single layer covering and foldable top structure like an umbrella.

It is handy for DIYers to test the bubble generator, play with the fan speed and power, water pump capacity, spray nozzle actions, the effectiveness of screen material in catching soap liquid and facilitating bubble foam formation. It is also a good tool for our salespersons to demonstrate how bubbles are produced and destroyed on demand once they have filled the entire space.

Bubble Box for Bubble Tower FunPyraPOD4 Shower (P4S) is also called BubbleShower for short. It is in fact the Bubble Box with its four legs extended and with only the top covering that is needed.

It is mainly designed for the Bubble Fun Festival that we have proposed. It can also be used as Bubble Tower so that the single layer covering extends to the ground and the whole thing sits inside a basin, as in the case of Bubble Box. It looks spectacular at night time once you place Christmas lights inside. Take a look at this Bubble Tower to the right without showing the lighting effect.

This product is essentially designed for having fun – the Bubble Fun. We are sure that once people get this structure in place and even built with their own hands, they can find many other uses for it. For the sake of fun, pleaes watch the following video:

PyraPOD4 Tall P4TPyraPOD4 Tall (P4T), it is the smallest SolaRoof style greenhouse. It’s roof part can be ordered separately to fit an existing building (with matching conjunctional base of course) or a brand new wall structure.

Featured with two bubble generators, double-layer tent like covering, and options to purchase the wall panels and door. This product is designed for any small family to test the idea of growing their own fresh food in the convenience of backyard. They decide what grow system to use. However, to enhance the capacity of solar thermal heat storage, we recommend using hydroponics, aquaponics or better still iAVS sandponics.

Note that snow melting mechanism is already built in, because when relatively warm bubbles are produced to replace the old bubbles in the cavity, the cavity temperature will jump and approach to the soap liquid tank temperature. As a result, any area around the cavity, including the exterior layer will be warmed up as well.

Because of its relatively small footing (10 feet x 10 feet), no permit is normally needed and can be set up as a outhouse, e.g. SaniPOD, or a shed. Install one in your backyard without the wall panels and door, it acts like a shade resembles the shade of a tree, wonderful place for you and a small circle of your friends.

PyraPOD4 Grande (P4G), this tent like large building can be set up in a day. It will be cheaper than PyraPOD4 Tall because the fabric costs much less than the wall panels and insulation materials. It gives more footing than PyraPOD4 Tall and thus more area to grow fresh food.

Beside hydroponics, aquaponics and iAVS sandponics, vertical gardening is possible using a type of tower grow system. again, snow melting mechanism is there when relatively warm bubbles are generated to replace the old bubbles in the cavity.

In addition, a simple elevator based on the counter-weight mechanism can be incorporated into the area formed by the four central columns. This way, a person can easily move the central platform up and down with ease.