All About PyraPOD4s

As we have introduced elsewhere, PyraPOD4s refers to a POD like structural building that has the Standard and Squared base with 4 corners and 4 edges. PyraPOD4S is the first group of our…


… POD structure series. It is also the Smallest POD stucture that can be expanded and tranformed into all the larger versions in the series.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and increased need for affordable and energy efficient housing, this smallest POD is the solution! It can be set up fast (instant sprung) because of its tent-like structure and shape. However, because of its sturdiness in structure and tough fabric, made of transparent fiber glass, it is a much better candidate for Covid-19 quarantine than the traditional Instant Sprung buildings. Most important of all, its super high and controllable insulating properties (equivalent of R1 per inch thick of bubbles) makes it the perfect and the only choice to handle extreme weather conditions, whether it is due to extreme climate conditoins or disasters such as earthquakes, wild fires, or even solar flares – the principles of Faraday cage can be easily implemented into its build. The following shows a foldable version of PyraPOD:

While the featured image shows the general structure and how soap bubbles and thin water films work in capturing solar thermal energy and storing it within a highly and dynamically insulated space, the following videos should give you some basic understandings as to how this type of PyraPOD works:

Design visualization of PyraPOD4s’s early version: wikiPOD

Bare bone structure and base visualization

Design visualization of PyraPOD4s’s early version with humans, aquaponics and music

Latest visualization using the general term of PyraPOD, which is in fact our PyraPOD4s, as the base is a square with 4 edges.