All about PyraPODx, also known as CityPOD

PyraPODx refers to the last category of our…


… POD structural series. The x in its name represents PyraPODx’s eXtraordinary potential to be larger and larger. For this reason, PyraPODx becomes the largest embodiment of SolaRoof technology.

PyraPODx takes three corner pieces of PyraPOD8, along with many arch shaped vertical pieces for the sides, to form a gigantic structure that has a transparent flat roof and rounded corners and sides. It offers unlimited potentials to expand PyraPOD’s inner space for numerous applications.

The following video shows how PyraPODx (with its earlier name as CityPOD) and PyraPOD8 (labelled as OctaPOD) are planned to be built on Smart Mobile Energy’s San Antanio site:

Want to get inside PyraPODx? Even moving around there? Check the following virtual reality video posted on YouTube: