All About PyraPOD8, also called OctaPOD

PyraPOD8 Tall (P8T) is a modified version of OctaPOD where we simply take its top roof portion and give it a octagon shaped footing with vertical walls. It gives a middle sized family the chance to grow fresh food year around.

As in the case of our PyraPOD4 structures, this mushroom shaped building comes with all the good features such as transparent double-layer cavity with soap bubble generating and filling mechanism, automated control, snow melting capability, tent like yet sturdy build, enclosed and controlled environment which eliminates the need of ventilation – many from the conventional greenhouse camp cannot understand this part, many other features.

Again a user has the option to order the whole kit with wall panels and door, or to build them locally with aircrete, straw bales, hemp clay, or whatever they see fit for the purpose. As long as the wall insulation matches the bubble cavity’s R value, designed to be roughly R24 because of the 2 foot separation (24 inches) of the two layers of glazing.

Its wide and transparent roof system will revolutionize how we build the roof for any buildings out there, large or small.

PyraPOD8 Grande (P8G), as the name indicates, is a full blown version of PyraPOD8 Tall above. It represents the largest building for backyard use.

However, despite of its larger size, its price will be much lower than that of PyraPOD8 Tall above due to the low cost of fabric as compared to steel backed and highly insulated wall panels.

It is designed for easy assembly with bots and nuts. If the ground is fully prepared, a team of two persons can finish the setup in one day. Watch the following video for the special separate panel system we use for its design:

Like its counterpart PyraPOD4 Greande, it is designed for vertical growing with two levels for growbeds or any vertical grow system. Likewise, a simple lifter is an option for easy access to the second level.

Take a look at what the finished setup will look like: