PyraPOD Global LIVE podcast for projects ongoing & coming

Aubrey of PyraPOD from Western Canada with wife Margaret & 3 kidsPyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m) and PyraPOD_4V17f (P4V17f) at Aubrey & Margaret’s backyard (PyraPOD Headquarter, Canada) – more will be added to this page according to the list below this first one (live video room for now): (this one) for technical info; for stories & communities

As our community expands, Richard and I have decided to create this page to display with live cams or video rooms for all the sites and potential sites that are building or plan to build PyraTENT, PyraPOD, PyraFARM all over the world. The following is a short list that will be updated as more people respond and join us:

  1. PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m, retrofit to an exisiting Gazebo sun shelter) and PyraPOD_4V17f (P4V17f) at Aubrey & Margaret’s backyard (PyraPOD Headquarter, Canada)
  2. PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m, new build according to design) at Richard & Jeraldine’s backyard (Montreal, Quebec)
  3. Finished products of PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m) and PyraPOD_4V17f (P4V17f) at Mary’s courtyard (PyraPOD Henan, China)
  4. PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m) and PyraPOD_4V17f (P4V17f) at Liya’s structural design (PyraPOD Shanghai, China)
  5. PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m) at Bangshengda organic gardens (PyraPOD Shandong, China)
  6. PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m) in Africa for Paul and Daniel’s shelter project
  7. PyraTENT_4m4 (P4T4m) for Ríkarður Leól’s farm in Iceland
  8. PyraFARM_48x12m (P4F48x12m) for Ross & Al’s project (Duncan, BC)

List of all POD designs utilizing SolaRoof: