PyraTOPE – gigantic eco-living complex that can float on water

PyraTOPE functions as an extremely large and floating community living and gardening complex and can hold up to 96 families. It can also be used as a tourist center that will float on water in case of water flooding or tsunami.

PyraTOPEThe under-water space is air tight sealed and an airlock chamber is there for diving into water from the bottom of PyraTOPE. The whole complex is equipped with aqua-culture grow system, living units, off-grid power system, waster recycling, and various recreational facilities. Propelling mechanism can be easily built in to move this gigantic complex around on water.

Docking platforms for boats can also be used as open air beaches, which connect to the second floor connecting-all balcony. At least two gates are open for boats to enter in and dock inside. Fresh food growing is done on the top level, both in the donut-looking side and central regions.

An elevator is there to connect all levels but the very bottom level as the latter is where the airlock chamber is located. As in the case of PyraFLOT, water is used in each section of the upside down bowl-looking chambers to lower the entire complex’s center of gravity and balance it using a simple mechanism. Some water chambers can be used for public swimming pools.

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