PyraBnB – unique house using the sun for heating and soap bubble for cooling

Have you dreamed of living in a house that can switch state and appearance between transparency and white? PyraBnB does just that like magic, toppling the conventional way how we construct buildings that hardly utilize any of the free solar energy out there from the sun on daily basis.

PyraBnB (P4B24f) is a 2.5-level residence designed for gardening on the top level and human living on the main and second levels. A large swimming pool is built on the ground level with room for fish underneath the floored area. The main level walls can be built with opaque and structural insulated panels (SIP) for security and privacy.

Kitchen is located on the second floor, close to the gardening area on the top floor. A bar area is located to the left corner of the main entrance. The bathroom is placed on the opposite end of the diagonal corner, while a bedroom occupies the southwest corner. Spiral stairs are there connecting the pathways between different levels.

Half in ground and half above ground swimming pool is large enough to provide the thermal mass needed to store the massive solar thermal energy collected during the day. While PyraBnB paves the way for building all other residential houses, large or small, it also lays the foundation for PyraFLOT, which is built on water or half buried in ground.

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