Bubble Fun Festival: 2 Celebrations in a Year with 2 Designs to Start With

This morning we met to come up with a simple and portable design for Bubble Box. Watch the video with this 2nd design and see why we have proposed further to celebrate this new Festival twice in a year – one on December 21 in winter and one on June 21 in summer.

Notice that the slight name change from Bubble Box Festival to Bubble Fun Festival as we have grabbed a shorter domain name – we will work on this new website to make it a fun website to promote this event.

Have fun!

Bubble Fun with bubble run, bubble guns, bubble everything…

By Jun Aubrey Zhang

Since obtaining PhD in Electrochemistry in 1994, I have been through many things, such as post-doctoral research work using STM to study atomic level electrodeposition of Cd on Ag(111) surface at UIUC (Urbana-Champaign at University of Illinois), lifetime free-lance preaching, CEO of TheoLogos Publications and PyraPOD Global Inc, former salesman of diamond tools for Superprem Industries, former CEO of DiaSolid Kitchen & Bath, finishing carpenter, working for CRE Green, a solar company in Kelowna, BC. Now I have started this new business along with Richard Nelson, designing and manufacturing PyraPODs. After all these experiences, my life motto is this: sharp mind must combine with skilful hands. With my wife Margaret we have three kids - Riley, Grace and Anita.

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