Question 06: What are the numbers for Richad Nelson’s six patents on SolaRoof?

Answer: See the following lists with years as the filing years:

  • USA Patent No. 6575234 2002 “Dynamic heating and cooling of a building using liquid foam”
  • USA Patent No. 6497074 2001 “Multi-layer flexible panel modules with exterior and interior stressed layers spread apart at the ends and connected intermediate the ends inducing opposing concave deflections to the layers”
  • USA Patent No. 5123247 1990 “Solar roof collector”
  • USA Patent No. 4521458 1983 “Process for coating material with water resistant composition”
  • USA Patent No. 4562674 1982 “Replaceable foam insulation system”
  • USA Patent No. 4452230 1980 “Canopy system for a building structure”