Question 02: What is SolaRoof?

Answer: SolaRoof is the soul of PyraPOD while the latter is the embodiment of the former. SolaRoof is a technology discovered and fine-tuned to its best by Richard Nelson, a Canadian inventor who have filed 6 patents on it and is currently and actively introducting it to everyone in the world who has the will to learn about it.

As its name indicates, SolaRoof relies solely on the free solar energy we have and put it into good use by creating a double-layer sealed roof-and-wall-combined cavity and then filling it with soap liquid bubbles. The soap bubbles make it easier for the solar thermal energy to be captured and transferred to water molecules. Because of the hight capacitance of water for heat storage and release, many outstanding ecological properties can be utilized in a closed space (we call it POD) that is wrapped around with such a bubble-filled boundary. As a result, the all climate winter-warm/summer-cool and daytime-cool/night-warm environment is created.

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Closed Controlled Ecological Environment