PyraPOD – grow your own fresh vegetables and raise your own fish in backyard

What you see here is our ealiest product as a backyard PyraPOD greenhouse with a second floor for vertical growing (iAVS sandponics). Solar-geo thermal coupling is achieved by a heat storage and exchange zone dig deep in the ground, either occupying the entire footing or is limited to the central area. Water and gravels fill this heat storage space for temperature/humidity control and floor footing support. Soap liquid reserviors and fresh water tanks are normally buried within this zone for natural heat transfer.

Soap bubble generators are placed on the ground at the inside corners for easy hookup connections and service. When bubble generators operate in pairs producing foam in the south and north panels, bubbles expand into the east and west regions via the top pyramid region until all double-layer cavities are filled. Bubble filling can be controlled by timers or more sofisticated system.

As we have explained thoroughly in the case of PyraTENT, similar double-layer canopy is formed in PyraPOD so that bubble foam can fill it up for superb insulation in winter and night times while soap liquid can be used to cool off this new type of greenhouse rather quickly in summer.

While the in-ground zone is for thermal mass and heat storage, the ground zone is meant for fish tanks and grow beds for leafy greens. Fruit bearing plants are normally grown on the second level because they need more natural sun lignting. Vertical grow system can fit the space in between upper levels and ground levels above the fish tanks with added space for growing.

Supplementary heating, cooling or even lighting mechanisms can be easily built in to work proactively in case of prolonged cloudy days. Countary to conventional greenhouse pratice, ventilation in PyraPOD greenhouse is not needed as both the interior temperature and humidity can be under good control easily with Richard Nelson’s SolaRoof technology.

Note that this backyard PyraPOD is currently being built by our factory in China and sould be available by the spring of 2022. Click here for a video explaining all of this.

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