All about AgriPOD and CityPOD – for large scale applications

AgriPOD (AP) is a larger version of PyraPOD8 Grande with the linear footage doubled. As a result, the inner space is roughly 8 times karger. It is designed for small scale farms to grow fresh food for their local communities.

It can be easily modified to fit with four cube like mini houses (LifePOD) at its four corners. It is a perfect start to implement the SolaRoof Village concept for cummunity living. This way it kills two birds with one stone – grow fresh food for those who live there and at the same time to provide secured environment for those who would like to live as neighbors, each has their own privacy and while helping each other when needed.

Because of its SolaRoof design, free solar energy is used to its fullest extent, cutting down the cost of space heating and cooling tremendously.

Community living also makes it easier to process organic waste the natural way. We are in the process of working with those who are experts in this field of Food2Waster2Food initiative.

Watch the following video visualizing what it looks like from outside to inside:

CityPOD (CP) represents the largest flat room SolaRoof structure thant has unlimited potentials for expansion and applications. It can be set up for a maga scale farm operation. It shares most of the components of AgriPOD so that the two systems have the same height.

Read inventor Richard Nelson’s introduction document for CityPOD at this page’s bottom for detailed information.

The following video shows how CityPOD and PyraPOD8 (labelled as OctaPOD) are proposed for Smart Mobile Energy’s San Antanio site:

Want to get inside CityPOD? Even moving around there? Check the following virtual reality video that Cedric Born made:


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